About Odour Liquidator ALP


Do you have odour problems? Are you looking for a real solution, not just a way to cover and disguise odours? If so, get Odour Liquidator ALP!

Odour liquidators manufactured by the Czech firm ALP ecology are unique natural products for neutralising odour. The odour is neutralised by breaking down the odour components.

In contrast with regular deodourisers or air fresheners, they contain no chemicals harmful to health. Their use is wholly safe for people and animals.

Apply to the source of the odour and then the air.


  • natural products
  • not harmful to health
  • Certificate of National Institute of Public Health (NIPH)
  • pH neutral
  • delicate additional fragrances

We currently manufacture 6 types of Odour Liquidators which respect the most typical composition of odour substances in the given sectors. The individual products are made to be as effective as possible. 

For special use in combination with a water surfaces we have prepared a so-called oil based Odour Liquidator ALP. 

Odour liquidators can be used in healthcare, hotels, restaurants, sanitary facilities and in regular households. They represent an effective way to successfully get rid of undesired odours.