No need for an air freshener,only the odour liquidator Alp!

Professional use

  • Animals

    Suitable for veterinary stations and professional breeders. Proven in  breeding stables. In the waiting room, operating theatres, kennels, pens and carcass disposal boxes.

  • Healthcare

    Suitable for nappies, toilets, waste bags, contact surfaces as well as the atmosphere.

  • Professional

    Suitable for waste management, mobile toilets, DDD (Disinfection, Disinsection, Deratisation) and cleaning activities. Reliable on odours after smoking, cooking, waste, chemical compounds.

Household use

  • Household

    Neutralises household odours after cooking, burning, fridge, rot, mould, bins and toilets. Reliable on cigarette smoke odours!

  • Footwear

    Neutralises odours in all types of footwear.

  • Textile and Clothing

    Use for quick help in eliminating cigarette smoke, food and other odours from suits, coats and similar  garments.

  • Animals

    Suitable for households with pets. For beds, upholstery, floors, crates, soft foam, carpets and seats.