Odour Liquidator professional for strong odours in restaurants

Restaurants, hotels, entertainment and sporting facilities and many others  - all of these constantly have to deal with undesirable odours. And yet it is very easy to get rid of them - just use Odour Liquidator Professional. This is a universal resource for the  complete neutralisation of odours, and it is supplied in larger containers suitable for large operations and institutions.

Is suitable for refuse management, mobile toilets, DDD (disinfection, disinfestation and deratting) and cleaning. Reliable against odours from smoking, cooking, refuse and chemical compounds. Other industrial use is also possible following consultation.

We recommend for: 

Strong odours of cigarette smoke, cooking, from waste, chemical compounds, for the cleaning of toilets and sports changing rooms.

Other industrial use is possible upon consultation.

Wide use in waste management, mobile toilets, the area of DDD (Disinfection, Disinsection and Deratisation) and professional cleaning activities. 


Available with the following additional fragrances:

lemon, Australian pine, vanilla, flax, talcum, flowers, lavender



With spray – 500 ml
Bottle with cap – 500 ml, 1000 ml, 5000 ml (larger container possible)



How to use?

Apply directly to the source of odours and to the air - refrigerators, tables, floors, upholstery, curtains, toilets, rubbish bins etc. Pour a 1:3 diluted solution or neat solution over foam, mattresses, carpets.

Spray neat into the air from the top down in the entire room (for example, in the case of smoking), can also be used diluted 1:5 in vaporisation vessel.
For mopping floors and wiping down surfaces, WC, furniture, laundry (60°C). Add minimum of 50-100 ml to 10 litres of water. 100-200 ml per 10 litres of water for very dirty surface. Add min. 100 ml per 10 litres of solution in wet vacuum cleaner, add directly to tank.

A completely natural preparation, not harmful to health. Does not harm the enzymes and bacteria commonly used in waste. You can also choose from a range of additional fragrances.

Odour Liquidator professional / oil for septic tanks and mobile toilets

At last, an effective solution for operations working with foul-smelling liquids and waste - Oil Based Odour Liquidator Professional. Definitively prevents the spread of odours and increases ambient comfort. Indispensable, especially for waste management - septic tanks, mobile toilets, fat separators, settling ponds etc.

It forms an impermeable layer on the surface of bad-smelling liquids, it is mixed with the content and actively neutralises odour.

The product does not harm the enzymes and bacteria commonly used in waste. Without added fragrance.

We recommend for:

Use in waste management – septic tanks, mobile toilets, fat collectors, lagoons, etc.

On noisome liquids - an impenetrable film on the fluid surface is created, mixing in with the content and actively

neutralising the odour.

The product is not harmful to enzymes and bacteria commonly present in waste.

Without additional fragrance.



Bottle with cap – 100 ml and 250 ml  (larger container possible)


How to use?

Apply directly to vessel on the surface of the content.

Strong odours – min. 15-20 ml/m2 at 15-day interval Regular use – min. 10-15 ml/m2 at 20-day interval