Odour Liquidator ALP Healthcare for powerful biological odours

Odour Liquidator is an essential aid in many medical facilities, where it helps with the elimination of powerful biological odours during care for patients and clients. Undesirable smells are liquidated immediately after its use. And this results in an improvement in quality and an increase in the satisfaction of persons in the environment.

Suitable for nappies, WC, refuse sacks, contact surfaces and air.

A wholly natural preparation, medically safe, pH neutral, without yeasts, suitable for allergy sufferers. You can also choose from a range of additional fragrances.

We recommend for:

Neutralising the smell of used nappies, toilets, bags with waste, contact areas, sweat as well as the atmosphere.

Proven to neutralise the odour of wounds.

Wide use in hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient surgeries and social care institutions. 

Completely natural, safe product, pH neutral, without yeast, suitable for allergy sufferers. 


Available with the following additional fragrances:

lemon, Australian pine, vanilla, flax, talcum, flowers, lavender

We recommend empty sprays – 100 ml, 215 ml, 500 ml (could someone explain this, I don't understand it very well – am I supposed to get my own one?)



With spray – 500 ml
Bottle with cap – 500 ml, 1000 ml, 5000 ml



How to use?

Spray copiously on the entire surface of the source of the smell - used nappies, rubbish bags, bedding, contact surfaces, WC etc. Pour a 1:3 diluted solution or neat solution over foam, mattresses, carpets.

For wiping down floors, surfaces, WC, hospital furniture, laundry (up to 60°C) add minimum of 50-100 ml to 10 litres. Spray neat into the air from the top down in the entire room (for example, in the case of bad-smelling wounds), can also be used diluted 1:5 in vaporisation vessel. If the smell is passing around a door, spray on the frame into the plaster.

Odour Liquidator ALPHealthcare / oil for powerful biological odours

Health facilities have a common problem of containers and objects with various ill-smelling contents. These reduce the overall ambience of the environment, and can be a long-term source of odours. An effective solution is our oil-based odour eliminator, which will allow you to not only to remove odours already present but even prevent them.

It creates a waterproof film on the surface of the ill-smelling liquids, blending with the contents and neutralising the odour.

We recommend for:

Neutralising of fluid odours – Ostomy bags, toilet seats, bed pans or urine collection containers.

On noisome fluids - creates a waterproof film on the surface, mixes in with the contents neutralising the odour.

A wide range of uses in hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient surgeries and social care institutions.

Without additional fragrance.


With the dropper - 30 ml 
Bottle with cap - 100 ml and 250 ml


How to use?

Apply directly on the surface of the target content.

Bedpans, toilet seats - before these are used, a minimum of 15-20 drops, adding some water. Ostomy bag before use, put in a minimum of 5-12 drops. Collection containers for urine - put in a minimum of 10 drops.

A completely natural, safe product.