Odour Liquidator Footwear finally odour-free feet

A unique way to get rid of the unpleasant smells of worn shoes - thanks to Odour Liquidator Footwear your shoes will no longer smell in the slightest. An elegant solution with easy use which not only you but those around you will appreciate.
Neutralises odours in all types of footwear.

A completely natural preparation, not harmful to health.

We recommend for:

Neutralising odour in all types of footwear. Tried and tested on hockey and roller skates. 

A completely natural, safe product.



With spray – 100 ml and 215 ml

How to use?

Apply directly to the source!

Spray copiously directly into footwear, mainly on the insole. In the case of strong smell, pour on the insole so that it is wholly infused with the solution.

When applying we recommend that the shoe be held by the heel and with the toe pointing at the ground so that the solution runs down to the toe. Repeat regularly.