Odour Liquidator Textile and Clothing at last odour-free clothes

Clothes commonly carry smells, and they can be a source of unpleasant feelings
for their owner and those around him. But there is an easy, effective solution - Odour Liquidator
Textile and Clothes!

A fast solution for reducing tobacco, food etc. odours from suits, coats and other clothing.

A completely natural preparation, not harmful to health. Moreover with attractive additional fragrances.

We recommend for:

Quick help in reducing the odour from suits, coats and other garments from cigarette smoke, food, etc.

Completely natural, safe product, does not stain!


Available with the following additional fragrances:

lemon, flax



With spray – 215 ml


How to use?

Apply directly to the source! Spray copiously on the entire surface of the textile.

For hand washing you can add min. 30 ml per 10 litres of water. At min. 50 ml to one load of washing in a machine up to 60°C.