Odour LiquidatorHouseholdfor regular odours in the household

An invaluable help in every household - especially in kitchens and bathrooms Easily eliminates undesirable smells and undesirable lingering odours in the flat and house and so increases the home's comfort level. Neutralises odours in household from cooking, combustion products, refrigerators, mildew, rot, rubbish bins and toilets. Reliable against smells from smoking!

A completely natural preparation, not harmful to health. You can also choose from a range of additional fragrances.

We recommend for:

Neutralising odours from cooking, burning, fridge, rot, mould, bins and toilets.

Reliable in removal of cigarette smoke odours!

A completely natural, safe product.


Available with the following additional fragrances:

lemon, Australian pine, flax, flowers



With spray – 215 ml  
If you need a larger container, you can also use the products from the Professional range for household purposes.


How to use?

Apply directly to the source! Spray or pour down toilets after flushing, on plastics in rubbish bins, on wood, plaster, upholstery, curtains etc.

When mopping floors, plastics, refrigerators and laundry (up to 60°C) min. 50 ml of content per 10 litres.

Spray into the air net from the top down.